Welcome to Sail United Non Profit Organisation

Once You have seen deeply felt happiness on the faces of fellow human beeings accomplishing challenges, You might understand why we got involved in watersports - and this in a unique manner. Here learning progression and fun can be achieved in only a littel while. We want whosoever desires - and this includes also people with disadvantages - to participate in those moments.

learn more about our offer and be part of our great idea which offers chances for everyone. With the sturdy support of the team of Sailaway Watersports in Großenbrode we quickly reach feelings of success and experience spontanous joy. We overcome barriers such as fears - not only on the water. Challenges we master together. Together we learn from each other.

Watersports For Everyone

  • Kayaking

    Anybody can go kayaking!
    Our sit-on-top-kayaks are easy
    to handle and a lot of fun. At the same time they stimulate our equilibrium sense, feeling for rhythm and physical fitness.

  • Standup-Paddling

    Very trendy, paddling fosters equilibrium sense and fitness. Done together with friends it´s a chummy sport bearing a lot of fun.

  • Surfing

    Riding across the waves is one
    of the most favorable activities along the coasts. Also people with visual impairment enjoy the interaction of forces. With great empathy and support of the team of Sailaway Watersports of Großenbrode.

  • Kiting

    Increasing popularity meets kiteboarding - even with wheelchair drivers. Fastly learned kiting lets you experience boundless freedom and deeply touching happiness like no other sport.

  • Sailing

    Let your soul dangle drifting in the winds - leaving behind everyday life. While sailing you stock up on fresh powers gaining inner rest and serenity. In company sailing is ideal for people with disadvantages who enjoy the movements on the water.

Juhuuu, wir haben gewonnen!

Bei der Preisverleihung am 21.11.2018 räumte Sail United e.V. den „großen Stern des Sports in Silber“ ab.  Mit den 2000,- € Preisgeld werden wir gemeinsam ein Stück weiterhelfen. Jetzt wollen wir die Gunst der Stunde nutzen, um noch mehr Aufmerksamkeit, weitere Sponsoren und Fördergelder zu erhalten. Helft bitte mit und informiert potentielle Unterstützer oder gebt uns Tipps, wen wir zu unserer Unterstützung ansprechen könnten.

Recent Project

Educational event with goal-oriented focus.

Visit of the inclusion-class 8C of the German Geschwister-Prenski-School in Lübeck from 22.06. -26.06.2015.
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