Requirements List

We urgently need:

  • Office equipment, i.e. a PC, capable of editing videos on it, a printer, scanner and a laminator.
  • Credit for 2 office workers, 2 inclusion sail instructors and 2 trainees
  • Financial assistance for the rejuvenation of our sailing dinghies: our youngest is 27 years old, the oldest is 42 years old. We need especially a dinghy suitable also for whellchair drivers.
  • A water-supply-connection to our school.
  • A wheelchair suitable for beach and water.
  • A possibility to use a sailing yacht for offering already requested weekend turns.
  • 70 – 90 hp outboard motor for our lifeboat, because ours was stolen.

Any aid and support will be mentioned in thanks on our web- and facbook sites (if desired). Possible is also a placement of logo or name on sails, boats or garment of our instruction team.
We also offer individual promotion. Please talk with us to receive further information.