Kids-Inclusion-Camp June 22. – 26. 2015

Project desciption:
Educational event with goal-oriented focus.

Visit of the inclusion-class 8C of the german Geschwister-Prenski-School from Lübeck from 22.06. -26.06.2015.

Our NPO „Sail United“ is working together with Sailaway Watersports in Grossenbrode. The facilities with sailing dinghies, Hobie Cat catamarans, windsurf boards suitable for beginners as well as sit-on-top-kayaks and stand-up-paddle-boards suit very well the individual stage of development of all adolescents, even the ones with disadvantages.

Planned are introductional courses in windsurfing and sailing with catamarans and dinghies. Also kitesurfing will be done with all youngsters. If Sina, who is – with multiple disadvantages – sitting in a wheelchair, can master and steer a kite, we will take her on a Hobie 16 without mast and sail, to be dragged only by a kite steered by herself.

But Sina also wants to try out stand-up-paddling. This works with her lying on her back, with an air filled cushion under her head or with a caregiver, who constantly stabilizes her. The board with her we drag through the water or let a sailing dinghy do the job. Of course safety is playing a big role. That´s why all participants have to wear lifejackets.

Sailing a catamaran with Sina is possible too. Therefore we´ll place her pillowed on the big trampoline of a Hoby 17 or 18 so she can look freely to all sides. On each rebound or jube skipper and jack have to climb carefully across her – but in lighter wind (up to wind force 3) this is very well possible.

While sailing with our stable dinghies Sina can sit without wheelchair on the bottom of the cockpit where she will once again be stabilized by one of our caretakers.
Sinas big wish was to camp with all other pupils on the grounds of the watersports school. But unfortunately this is not possible, because during the night she needs medical caretaking.
This is why Tobias Michelsen, the owner of the watersports school Sailaway has agreed to let her stay overnight in the office of the school together with a caretaker. Needed therefore are two extendible sleeping chairs or couches.

Cooking will take place outside above open fire as long as the wheather is good. If not inside ot the watersports school, where in this case everyone can eat too. As a framework program we have planned a therapeutical painting action with Elke Händly: “beautify the old Rosi” (an old fishing cutter that lies aside of the school, a container and our huge Indian Tipi).

Also an excursion to the close by baltic sea aquarium in Heiligenhafen is planned. Only transportation issues still have to be solved. Wir haben auch alle anderen Eigner von Katamaranen hier am Strand angesprochen und hoffen, das wir genügend Freiwillige finden, um mal mit allen Kindern gleichzeitig Katamaran segeln zu gehen. Das Gleiche versuchen wir auch mit den Yachteignern, die ihren Liegeplatz hier in der Marina in Großenbrode haben, zu oganisieren. Dann hätten die Kinder einen vollständigen Überblick, was es für verschiedene Boote und Wassersportdisziplinen gibt.

Als weiteres Ziel versuchen wir auch die Bevölkerung und die ganze Gemeinde Grossenbrode in unsere Aktivitäten einzubinden. Dies kann durch die bereits oben erwähnten Verschönerungsaktionen realisiert werden. Zusätzlich würden wir gern alle Anwohner einladen, uns und die Kinder kennenzulernen. Dies könnte im Rahmen eines gemeinsamen Grillabends oder auch bei einer Pflanzaktion stattfinden, bei der alle „Gäste“ eine Blume mitbringen, um die Wassersortschule optisch noch ansprechender zu gestalten.